Flyfishing for bonefish in the Bahamas, solo style, every angler’s dream.

Something that is certain is that Todd Moen’s films are always, simple, beautiful and effective. They are, for those reasons, timeless. And it’s probably for that reason that we watch them over and over! I don’t really know what’s going on with me, is it because I’m trying to read boring fly fishing stories that are making me want to sleep as if I had partied too much last night or if I had been eating too much for lunch and that I need something fresh to wake me up! I needed air, I needed freedom, and by watching this film Indiana Bones, I felt what I was looking for! Walking alone, in a warm water of the flats, strolling along the mangrove, spotting a bonefish and casting your Crazy Charly to it, without the help of a guide, just you and the sound of water moving with the tide, the birds, the wind nothing else. A kind of meditation that we need to feel a way to get in touch with ourselves and nature. This is one of the gifts of fly fishing, that conscinet contact with nature, with something bigger than ourselves, something that helps us to cope with everyday’s life. You have no idea how bad I want to be wallking those flats. Wouldn’t you?