As Fall is taking over nothing’s better than good Cuban sounds!You’re not going to be disappointed, it’s going to warm you up! Turn the sound up, amigo!

Two mixtape to make the fall transition easy and accept the foul weather (hav you noticed how we always try to find mixtapes that are matching the weather?) , two mixtapes different from o ne another, but which are both carrying the warm wind of the sea!

First of all, to warm you up, here’s Wendi, she’s something else, right, that Wendi? If you go to Havana give her a call from us [0053 52819435] she’ll teach you all you need to know to be the king of the dancefloor!

All good? You figured out how to dance?  SO let’s start with a gem, El Blues Del Pescador a mixtape from Radio Martiko, a mixtape sweet as a hand touching your neck, silky as a smooth voice in your ear. But it’s not only Cuban songs! That’s the way it is it’s the Fishermen’s blues, songs inspired by looking at the sea from under the palm trees, lazing in the sand drinking a fresh juice, watching the sails go by. Download and daydream.

Cuban mix#6:  her’s Cuba, Rumba, Son, Rap, Meneito, in other words real street musique from Cuba. Not yesterday’s Cuba, but what you listen to today! That mixtape from Vice Versa is full of energy! Download it and turn the sound up so everyone can dance! And if you hesitate, just watch Wendi’s video again!