The Mission Fly Mag, The Cult of Fly Fishing, everything about fly fishing as seen from South Africa (you know the country that won the World Cup. The Rugby Wold Cup!).

We have cousins in South Africa, we say cousins not because French Huguenots fled from France in the 17th century after the Edict of Nantes, but because The Mission team is like our cousins, we have the same core, we like the same things, we love the uncany, we love to go out the beaten path. If we were not so far from each others, we would fish together all the time, we would fish, cook and have fun all together! So here is the 18th edition of The Mission, I hope you love traveling!COver 18

Bears Beats & Munchies – Thirsty and hungry? Play that playlist from Travys Owen and play it loud!bears beats munchies

Portrait : Themane William Taste, fly fishing guide. Thembane

Tiger fish from Zambia.possibility

Kenyan troutKenya

Fiji? You know, where Keith RIchards fell from a coconut tree!fiji

Portrait of Bob Popovics aka Pop, grand father of the modern salt water fly fishing! pop

Orange River, go for Yellowfish!orange river

Xmas shopping at the Salad Barsalad bar

Henkie Altena, the guy never stops fishing!

Henkie Altena

You’re back to normal life? Where are you going to fish next?