Winter is here! Suddenly it fell on us, all of us, all we have is dreams for the next season or memories. Tørt has both!

First of all it was freezing, it was the first day winter really hit us, I’m sure some of us thought about soldiers fighting for freedom in the cold of winter and how lucky we are to look comfortably warm for fly fishing news on the web. And guess what? There’s one! A beautiful one from our friends from Tørt, I met Simen in Bosnia last year, a real cool guy, we share the same view on fly fishing, we are driven by the same things, happyness, and fun. So here’s their last film, and if you like Le Mouching cap you can see on the screen, it’s here. In the meantime, just watch that  film, your week will be awesome!

Fly Fishing Ro(a)dtrip from Tørt