Bearnishfly, we’re always waiting for their films and they are always way beyound our expectations! The softness of the black & white, the high contrasts, the joy of fishing with dry flies.

It’s the season where it costs to get out of bed, the weather is gloomy, the first snows finally stick to the ground, and once you lit up the coffee machine, you put a few logs in the fire to warm up the room, than you can slowly wake up. Everything is slow, it’s not real cold yet and you feel like staying in bed all day. But after a strong coffee, life can go on.  And here’s a reward to help you getting in touch with real life: Duo, by Bearnishfly. Fly fishing in France in Bearn, that western part of the Pyrenees, the black and white footage at first brings melancoly of warm summer days to your heart, carefree fishing days where only friendship and beautiful fish matters. Than melancholy gives place to joy, the joy and excitment of the futur summer days to come. This film is magic, it heals, watch it over and over, it’s good for the soul.


DUO from Bearnishfly