MiniBone, the fat headed streamer

There’s a cold and dirty weather in town, and we’re haunted by the memories of May rises. Should we indulge in booze and feel sorry for ourselves? Yes and no. Yes and Hell no. Let’s rather hit the work bench and build rods and tie flies. And since it’s pike season, let’s do some streamers to test them in the Dutch polders sometimes soon. We’ll freeze our asses and maybe we’ll break a couple of teeth from a mama we’d wake up with a flashy bunch of fluff. Just like the one with the yellow eye, looking at you up above.

Our buddy Norbert, from l’Île Verte (one of the coolest pike lodges in the known universe) gives us a new recipe. Stinger hook, wiggle tail, hard head, all the stamples from modern tying are there. The tubing head is the thin with the Bones streamers series. Durability and a massive presence in the water… A real must have for any pike hunter.