A real fishing trip, with friends, miles driving, miles walking, tens of fish, real adventure and pure happiness!

Saint Joe River, in Idaho, filled with cutthroat, you know those trout with a chin the same colour as the wild stawberries you pick at springtime. There is no easy access, unless you want to fish with other people, but if you want to be alone and feel the heart of nature you’ll have to walk a bit. An amazing walk and adventure in a landscape that’ll remind you when you were playing cowboys as a kid.

This stinks of happiness, let’s plan a trip to Idaho next year?  Ce truc pue le bonheur à pleins tubes !

And if you have any doubt on such a project, just watch those two films, I’m sure you’ll think about going!

Thanks Mark Steudel for that adventure!

St. Joe Rive Trip Part 1 | Fly Fishing Film from Mark Steudel

Fly Fishing the St. Joe River | Part 2 from Mark Steudel