Here’s for your ears, your heart and your feet! There’s some for everyone!


We haven’t forgotten you, we’ve been pretty busy working on other projects lately, therefore we listened to a lot of mixtapes and here’s what we thought we could share with you for Xmas! We hope you’ll like them!

Brazil, the perfect soundtrack to chill, something cool like Bossa Nova from the 60’s to warm you up! Download here

Brega Love! Still Brasil but love standards revisited in Brega style, it’s getting hotter! click to download

Now that you are ready, what about you get really hot and dance to Salsa pa’fricarse los pollos *Salsa to roast the chickens! Get busy on the dancefloor! Descargar aqui.

You want hotter than that? You’re going to break and twerk (yes) with  DJ Vaaadiiiiiim ! Download.

Are you still alive? Here’s some cool to slow down, a good riddim as you like  it. downloaaaaad here

And to finish the night or to chill here’s a nice mix to calm down. download and go to bed

That’s it, it’s over, Hope to se you here for the New Years eve mixtapes ! Have fun in the meantime!