I don’t know why but I felt like listening to all my Jazz records, not all of them, I do have a lot, but I chose to listen to the be bop times, from Coltrane to Marsalis, daydreaming to  Peterson, Davies, Modern Jazz Quartet and many more. I spent my night laying on the carpet head facing my speakers, like a dude high on smack in the 60’s. Than I figured out that as the winter sun was coming out over Paris, what I liked the most in my sleepless night was Chet Baker. So here’s for you a perfect mixtape from the Blues Brothers, it’s going to take your mind where it’s proabably rarely gone. Tribute by the Blues Brothers, just download it!

Than I said to myself not everybody likes Jazz, so for all of those and actually for everyone, here’s a gem from DJ Lefto (download here), a mixtape that puts together many kinds of music and has no name but a number: #580 !

See you next week!