Here’s to spend some good time, you’re free to choose in which order you want to listen to thse three amazing mixtapes! You can choose beteween chilling on the couche or sweating on the dancefloor, it’s up to you. They are all sick!

Let’s start smooth and easy, and you’ll be able to play Vice Versa: 9th Night, in the early evening or really late at night. You can take that ixtape wherever you want, in bed, or in the car, it’s perfect to set you in a good mood! Download here.

Let’s get to the next level, a wixtape that’s going to take you to the dancefloor with funk gems mixed by Roosticman: Tales of the Dancefloor! You’re going to burn those extra pounds you stashed with that winter food you’ve been eating! Download there.

And last bit not least, some real New York Salsa! Probably one of the mixtapes we’ve had reagarding salsa!  New York Rican Soul: What is Salsa ! Is a kiiler mixtape, you’re just going to love it, it’s going to be hard not to be dancing. Download HERE! 

You’re still alive? Well, start all over again !