Probably the three best Salsa mixtapes we ever shared with you! Download and play them loud!

Some of you beating the grounds at fly fishing shows, happy to see friends, trying new gear, spending, spending, having fun. As for us, we stayed home, at least I did. And to heal my pain of not being with you all, I had to treat myself, so I organized a small party at home and here’s what we danced to. You better be ready, it’s going to be HOT!

Three pure New York Salsa mixtapes that are going to make you sweat! They are from the secret vault of New York Rican Soul!

First, El Barrio Mix, that is an awesome mixtape of pure New York Salsa, the kind you want to play while ahving a drink or a bite but very soon, your feet will start dancing and your all body will follow! It’s perfect ! Download it here, it’s got rythm! (My favorite singer is Angel Canales @ 45 minutes!)

¡Yo Traigo la Salsa! To this point you’re ready to spin and spin like Cuban dancers. I hope you have enough to drink, because it’s a long dancing night, take some strength and download that gem here!

Are you still alive? Now we’re getting serious and it’s going to be the apocalyse of the dancefloor with this Exclusive Salsa Mix 2020! I beleive this is the way to spend your night, download it here!

It’ over, you can sleep now.