Here’s your dosis for what you’ve been craving for: The Mission Mag, the South African fly fishing magazine that talks about fly fishing all around the world and about places we’re not used to, places within reach from South Africa! Its one of our favorite reads, I hope it’ll become yours to, here’s issue #19! Read it full screen and play that playlist in the background!

coverFirst, get comfortable: Booze and beats! (click on pic listen to Tony Kietzman’s playlist)booze & beatsJohann Dupreez, portrait of a guide, from SAF to BoliviaJohann duprez

The best and the worst of a guide’s life with James Tophamthe suck

Going on a diet to go fishing? Here’s why and how with Nick Schwerdtfeger at St Brandon’s.bliss points

One fish in danger: Witvis.the sentinelLife of the Small Mouth, under the bridge. seven yera itch

From our friend David: MONTANA!home on the range

Want to spend what you got as extra money this year? Here’s the Salad Bar.salad bar

Chris Clemes, rod builder.chris clems

How to pass over a fence when you are dissable? Legless at Lakieslegless at lakies

Linda Gorlei, The Matriarch, a fly fishing life.the matriarch

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