Every fly fisherman has a secret destination, a place he dreams to go fishing, something that makes our nights richer, something that allows us to get through the day beacause it’s “our dream”. A place filled with bigger fish, wilder rivers, nicer people, and easy living. A real dream. For some it’s going to be Tropics, South America, Europe, New Zealand, and for a lot of us, it’s just Alaska!

Alaska, there we are! It’s true the film looks a bit like “my dad bought a new camera” but we don’t really care, what matters for us is what we see and what we see is fish, wilderness, happiness, friendship and adventure! Here we are with Evan Schock, guide and pilote in Alaska, and he shoots films when he’s guiding with his clients, a real dream. The same one I was talking about in the head of the article, something that is going to make you sleep better as winter is almost over. And don’t you forget: NO PEBBLE MINE !

Alaska and Me from Evan Schock