Nothing like a warm ray of sun to heat up your dull winter days, even if winter doesn’t look like winter anymore and that it feels that Spring is coming next week! But you need something for your dancing feet, to dance skin to skin and loose contact with your daily reality! Don’t worry, the temperature will rise naturally as soon as you’ll play the first notes of those mixtapes, soon you’ll be dancing like crazy, and you’ll be too hot!

!¡Salsa pura pa’bailar!

DJ Timber: Yo no soy guapo! First you’re gonna be in a good mood, you are going to speak louder, your feet are going to beat the rythme, than it’ll be time to roll the carpet and dance! To download, it’s HERE!

And since you’re not planing to stop, here’s to keep on salseando! You’ll never want ot stop and you’ll ask for more!Et comme vous êtes en forme et n’avez pas l’intention de vous arrêter, voici la suite de la soirée : Kandela vol31! Ça va continuer de tourner, vous ne pourrez plus vous arrêter et vous en redemandrez encore ! Download here!