Southern South, where the  next stop is Antartica, yes, you’ve got it, you’re in Patagonia, the foremost part of it, and for an hour you are going to witness an amazing journey. The film is only in Spanish and it’s part of the adventure too!

Four friends, and an adventure of a lifetime, backpacking in the Southern Part of Patagonia, starting from Ushuaia, a treck in the wilderness.  Food is only rice and the fish they’ll catch, will they eat everyday? What’s the weather going to be in that remote place on earth? Windy of course, but will there be storms? Will that adventure break that friendship or will it tear it appart? Is the wildlife friendly? Are those insects biting? All those answers are in that one hour film you cannot miss: UCENIAKA, más allá del Sur! You are going to love it!