Miladiou (local expression, cannot be translated but means something like Dang)! The mountains, the Aubrac, the Carladés, the rivers, the lakes, the streams, with lures, with flies, it’s about fishing and it’s Le Cantal area!

This film is like watching Tour de France, you discover many landscapes, you discover a new region, and Cantal has something special the landscape changes every 50 miles! And it’s rich in small streams, beautiful wild rivers, and mountain lakes. Even if there are ski resorts in Cantal, it’s what we call “cow mountain’, not only because it’s where the cows go in summer to be fed with amazing hay, but because it’s not too steep and they can walk (as we do) easily! But those rivers are filled with little dark trout, very fast and spooky, fishing is not easy, but it’s amazing! We’re sorry about the music that doesn’t give the film what it deserves, and what is not shown on the film and that is a very important part of Cantal is the food! First the cheese that has the same nname as the aera, Cantal, and the meat that is just amazing! We’re waiting for you! That’s one of ou dear places where we go fishing!