In the wilderness of Patagonia, Gauchos, in the heart of loneliness and emptiness. We only know their pictured strories, here’s the real one caught between loneliness and solitude.

Patagonia and Gauchos, looks like a real postcard, a few hours by plane, lucky fly fishermen spend a week or ten days catching trout and living in luxurious lodge, from time to time they see a gaucho on his horse and take a picture, memories from Patagonia, than they fly back to their comfortable occidental life. I don’t judge, I’ve done the same.  But we don’t know much about their lives, we cannot imagine the solitude, the loneliness, the dedication, the heat of summer, the cold of winter. A few years ago I stayed with one of them, his life had the rythm of the cattle, he told me how he arrived the first time by ox cart in the 60’s, he told me the winters and we felt what we don’t see anymore in our countries, solitude. You must watch this film, it’s a gem, it’s beautifully shot and the stories are breathtaking. Watch it on a big screen, that’s the least it deserves. When I saw it I wanted to cry, I thought about Pube, how he welcomed us by the shores of Rio Pico.

Campesinos from Matias Francisco Bolla