“We are all in the same boat!” I repeat myself all the time these last days… So we will have to take care of ourselves. And who says confinement, says “get your flybox  ready for the d-day”!

Because yes. We are going to experience a kind of second opening day in a few weeks. At a time when the states prohibit fishing one after the other, we must more than ever be respectful of safety measures. It is thanks to these that we will be able to return in good health to the river.

So what better job than fly tying in these not funny times ?! Personally, I’ve made a series of hare palmers last night. On 17 hooks, of course. It is my killer fly on my rivers. A simple and quick fly to tie as I like them. But I will quickly attack a more serious subject: May flies. And yes, we are likely not to go out before these beautiful young ladies point the tip of their wings. And if you do not have them in stock, you will miss fishing, it is a certainty (especially in confinement, CQFD).

Then you will find below a selection of five videos to build your future models! Models accessible at all levels and very precise videos. Ok, some are in French, but it’s a good opportunity to learn since you have plenty of time! Get to the vise!