Look at that work! Isn’t it a beautiful issue? It stinks fish, gear and fishing trips! The Mission  : The Cult of Fly Fishing! Come, come to my church, little lambs, I’ll be your pastor!


Machaca : Be ready to go catch that razor balde fish! machaca

Booze and beats: it’s all lin the title! Must listen as you drink with Brian Chakanyuka from Alphonse Fishing mixtape! Booze

Between the Lines : readings for you, my dear fly fishing maniacs, a great book listing.Between linesAndrew Aspey : I quit my corpporate job to become a Fly Fishing guide!Andrew ASpey

Jurassic Lake with our friend Tudor! king for a day

The Corporate Conservationist : Yellowfish thanks you for taking care of its waters!corporat

Event Horizon : New rods on a field test! event

The Salad Bar : pick what you like and pay on the way out. Burn that card, baby, make it melt!salad bar

Dear Santa : what about if Santa took you to Cosmoledo? dear santa

Calm down now, are you ready for opening day?