We are all on the same boat here, Covid-19 is running our world and it’s a real pain. I don’t know where you are when you read those lines, but if you’re lucky you are in the country and fishing is going to help you, and if you’re locked down home there’s nothing to do but wathing films, series and reading books and magazines. Talking of magazines, you guys want to check the latest This Is Fly, issue #74

We don’t really matter, wer’e home in quarantine, food stashed everywhere, freezers and fridge loaded, we’re like survivalists, at war with Coronavirus and the only fight we ever going to win is if we stay away from each other and stay put so the virus doesn’t travel with us. Than in a few months we’ll have another persepctive on our lives, we will probably put our priorities first, but wha twill be our priorities? DO we need to spend that much? Do we need all we want? Don’t we need to be local a little bit more and maybe that quarantine period is good for us, for everyone? SO stay away from each others, cough in your arm, and we hope everything is going to be fine. So know you are going to go fishing alone, you are going to stay 3 feet away from any other human being and you are going to wash your hands whenever you can! In the meatime, you’ll have plenty of time to read, here’s the latest THIS IS FLYtif cover

First of all, to be in a good mood, here’s Jake Vanderweyen’s mixtape, just click here or on the pic to listen it! mixtape

Yo’ure good, you have the music going? Let’s go to Belize land of Permit and Garifunasgarifuna

GEAR! Now you’re not spending your money traveling on fishing trips around the world, here’s a few ideas to spend it!gear

You want to tie some serious flies? Ask Jake!jake

What about those Cutthroat from Questa, it’s much more than just fish, it’s fish that give a meaning for life. questa

Daniel Seong, designer.daniel seong

And if as for fish as it is for us, habitat was our future? habitat

Andrew McDougall, photographer.ANDREW

And in Oman, what do you catch?OMAN

Pirarucu, have you thought about Pirarucupirarucu

That’s it, it’s over, I feel less lonely know I knwo you’re in confinement too!