Ain’t no sunshine when she’s gone.

Sad Friday, as if that coronashit was not enough, it’s hitting our friends our families, our love ones and it’s puting us to confinement and plummeting morale. Today, we say goodbye to Bill Withers.

Holly crap, make a music selection to entertain you is now so heavy I can hardly do it, I already selected several mixtapes so you could dance and now I have to change all that. Bill Withers, in the 70’s/80’s he was my hero, when we used to go dancing to the wee hours of the morning in my local night clubs, they were like us like Studio 54 at the time, than dressed up to dance we would stash in the car and drive through the Aubrac mountians to fish the first hatch. In the car, Bill Withers was coming out loud from the speakers, elbow out the openn windows, the cool air was keeping us awake, we were young, it was summer, we were free.!

To donwload the mixtapes, install Mediahuman converter  copy the adress from the selected mixtape and paste it in the dedicated window. It opens everything!

Bill Withers tribute by Jazzmaster Mike. To start your evening, here’s the  ust, a entire mixtape dedicated to Bill Withers, you can’t beat that!

Than as the hottest nights of soul music, it’s not all about Bill WIthers, but here are 3 mixtapes from Mol which have Bill Withers songs in them.

Soul Food Course 2

Soul Food Course 19

Soul Food Course 25

And here’s a jewel, a mixtape of Bill WIthers songs, played by others! Hot as it can get! Lovely Day, The songs of Bill Whithers by Others ! Songs played by Luther Vandross Feat. Busta Rhymes, Anthony David, Cris Delanno, Nancy Wilson ‎, Esther Phillips and others

Than we couldn’t end that post without this reggae mixtape by Mr Leenknecht,  with Horace Andy version!  Ain’t no sunshine when she’s gone. Jah Love.

Hep! Don’t go out, stay in quarantine, and let the virus go by! Have a nice weekend and speedy recovery for the sick ones.