If Reggae and Dancehall music needed an ambassador it would be David Rodigan. Since the early 70’s his life has been but one thing: Dancehall and he’s 79, that means his all life has been Reggae music! He is probably the only English Dj who can win in a clash with any reggae dj, David Rodigan is a Legend, every musician from Jamaïca knows him and wrot elyrics about him, he is and was friend with the greatest, from Bob Marley to King Tuby, from the roots of reggae to the latest MC’s! ROdigan is not an MC nor a selecta, he’s above that, he’s RamJam! Just enjoy his mixes available on BBC website.

And if you want to see what a dancehall with David Ronigan looks like, check this below (he was 47 at the time, look at that energy!)

Here’s an awesome Mix from David Rodigan you can download using MediaHuman

But if you prefer to watch David Radigan RamJam in Birmigham, 1981: (you still can use MediaHuman)

And here’s Radigan live Southport!

Reggae would probably have been different if David Rodigan didn’t fell in love with it! Love.