This film is dédicated to our readers and writers who like it big, very big, with all the imagery that it represents. The wolf in the forest, the lion in the savannah, the shark in the sea. Mako, aka Blue Pointer, the one who shoots out of the water and spinns in the air like a wild trout but with the power of a bulldozer! 

At Le Mouching office, we’ve got at least two who are dreaming of shark fishing non stop. Dans la bande du Mouching, on en a au moins deux qui ne rêvent que de ça, la pêche au requin ! The ultimate big game fishing, they prepare their gear as hunters would do, we’re in a different category, a closed world were the image of the targeted fish is more motivating than the actual size of the fish. Mako Shark, something that scares us, something that brings back the fear we all had when we went to the ocean after watching Jaws, or any other story with sea monters. So like Saint George killing the Dragon,  you’re ther, rod in had, king of the seas. Have a great film!