You’re stuck at home and you’re tired of tying flies, watching fishing and hunting tv? How many pounds did you already put on? It’s going to feel heavy in the waders! Come, let’s hike and fish in Chilian Patagonia, it’ll do you some good!

Dang, it’s long! But is it long because we don’t go fishing or because we’re stuck and deprived of freedom? So we lower the guard, we eat snacks and drink beer or sodas, we’re turning into couch potatoes, we watch tv much more than usual, but isn’t tv dead already? Really, you want to watch over and over the same boring news which aren’t telling something we don’t already know? Honestly, it’s more fun to read the papers online and watch Netflix, Hulu, AppleTV+, Amazon and others, but old time tv is dead! And we have to mention fishing and hunting tv’s and one of the shows we like is The New Fly Fisher, so here they’re taking you to Chilean Patagonia, even if we’re not fans of ongoing voice over and muzak, it’s worth watching! Have fun! Hey, don’t you forget that fishing season in Patagonia, starts in November 😉