The first part gave you the urge to go fishing, right? Well be ready for another round! Here’s part 2 on the river Loue with the Chignards Brothers and their friends!

On the frustration scale, where are you? Are you in the red zone already? We’re going to help you, but let’s face it, how many of you were already by the river by the early days of april? If you are like us, usualy in april we are still home waiting for the warm days and the hatches. You can see that frustration is an animal you feed and the more you’ll focus on what you do’nt have, the bigger youor frustration will be. Just chill, you’ll go fishing soo enough. So let’s go to September n the river Loue, the second part of the film : Early days of September with the Chignard bros, one of the best rivers to fly fish in France, not an easy river. Just enjoy, even if you don’t speak French, it’s keep you busy for an hour and it’ll give you enough to deam about, or to be frustrated, it’s up to you! Please watch full screen!