Because in times of Coronavirus, we need air, quarantine is limiting our freedom to roam, our physical communication with others. We miss what was easy to reach, our freedom. Today everything is limited to screens, books, music and dreams to be able to esscape, to be free.

TOday I walked to the bridge to look at the river, the water was beutiful and clear, I looked for any move any shadow in the currents, but I didnot see anything, I know fish are there, they are just not active. Are they in cinfinement too? It’s probably because of that South Esatern wind that blows too strong. I walked back home, already exhausted by convalescence, that 100 yards walk killed me but I know it’s getting better every day. I’m lucky, I am probably immune now.  Back home I felt I had been skiing downhill on a black diamond track and that my legs had a hard time supporting me. I had no other choice but lay down on the couch to recover from that walk. Like all of us in confinement, I had to change my habits, I’m always looking for something to distract me when I’m not working online. Today I have found a gem that made me forget our condition of quarantine, it made me forget confinement for 15 minutes, that made me feel free for much longer!  Surf Libre is about surfing, but not only, just watch it!  It’s a call to freedom.

MANERA – SURF LIBRE from MANERA – Stay Salty –