For many of you the first week of de-confinement has been such a release, the luckiest ones went fishing for the others like me, murky waters just mad it impossible. Anyway, I usually wait for June to go cast my flies to hungry trout.

As music is concerned, therfore since I had nothing else to do when I was not working online, I found a few pearls for your ears and your feet! But before, please keep in mind that your best way to download the mixtapes we post here is to download this  and past the address of the mixtape in the window, it’ll automaticaly download it to your computer (no matter the format). Now that this is done, let’s get to the mixtapes!

First of all, Lee Morgan, It’s probably because I’ve watched the documentary on Netflix but right after I pulled out all his records and played them to the wee hours smoking a cigarand day dreaming as I watch the smoke go up. So for you here are THREE mixtapes of Lee Morgan’s songs. I really like the first part of his life, when he was palying Be Bop with Dizzy Gillespie, Art Blackey, Wayne Shorter, Miles or others, than he became too much West Coast for me. Unfortunatly, although he was young and talented, he was 16 when he started with Dizzy Gillespie, he ended as a Junky prety soon, and his life went down the drains. After being strung out on smack he got hooked on Methadone, wihich on some aera is no better, you are only taking a legal drug, he got shot by his girlfriend in a jazz club in NY in a cold winter night. But his music is something else! Just listen to those mixtapes!

Lee Morgan – Tribute  by Jazzmaster Mike

Lee Morgan – Tribute 2 by Jazzmaster Mike

The Speedball Sidewinder – The best of Lee Morgan Live by Derrick Jazz 

Let’s change it all! Here’s a reggae mixtape by Vice Versa : Reggae & Dub Special  Mix #28, a jewel you’re going to listen while the days of May get longer and the night shorter.

Now you’re totally high on music, let’s go further with Roosticman : Afro Funk III & Brazil mix !

And to end, as sunrise tells you the night is over, here’s a mix by Kandela that starts so well with Soul Makossa from Manu Dibango played live in Puerto Rico, all you have to do is dance!

Are yo ustill alive or are you dead? In the meantime, if you’re alive, remeber: DISTANCING and WEAR a mask when meeting people!