Motherload diaries, part 2. FOllowing part 1, right? Let’s go back with Håvard looking for those big Scandinavian fish, with what spices the fly fisherman’s life, strike issues!

Last week we managed to get close to Håvard Stubø intimacy, we’re going deeper! It’s that intimacy that makes Jazz & Fly Fishing films so different than others, suddenly you feel you are part of the film, not only watching it, you actually feel what Håvard is feeling, you know how bad it hurts when you miss a fish. It’s that intimacy, that is the strentgh of their films, by adressing directly to us, we become part of it. And then we can feel that moment of frustation because we’ve been there. But how is it that what we have learned for years, seeing the the fish catch the fly, our eyes send the information to our brain who sends the information to the arm to strike in a 1000th of a second, and it works fine most of the time. But, sometimes, we see that fish eating our fly, but it takes 10th of a second for our brain to send the information to our arm to strike. But it’s too late, you have to strike while the fly is in the mouth of the fish. Why, but why are we not perfect? What is happening? Is it because we let our daily worries interfiere with our fishing, Is it because we are tired, why is it that the most important thing in our life is challenged by someting in ourselves?