We did not forget you! we’re back with many stories to tell! We were in Brittany shooting a film for French tv Seasons, but fish were not playful and we came back angry and frustrated, not like the  guys chilling while they fish the Poconos !

Did you see this? Oh, no, not yet, well it the film below, they’re taking it easy, they cast fat streamers downstream, drinking beer and grilling meat while laughing and being happy and apparently in love! You  have no idea how bad I would like to be in that film, it’s exactly what I’m longing for, and if we ever have to go on quarantine again, I want to be stuck by the Poconos! Enjoy, watching on a big screen with a good sound system, I hope you like Finn Danniel, it’ good for your soul!

Fly Fishing the Poconos from Rob Cusick