You want to travel, but you don’t know if it’s safe, anyway if you are in the US, you probably have to say goodbye to a lot of fishing trips you dreamed to do this summer. The season is at it’s best in Iceland, and you only have your eyes to cry. So for you this weekend, here’s a film gift from our friends from Tørt: a hell of a fly fishing trip in Iceland!

You picture youreself, on that islande every fly fisherman dreams of, between glaciers and volcanos, head filled with salmon and massive trout? That’s you! You’re there! In that film! Look at yourlself! You’re in Iceland! I know Norwegian is a strange language for some ears, so click on square on the bottom right of the film, you’ll get English subtitles. Get comfortable, it’s an HOUR long!

Fæ ég koss, takk? (meaning : Can I get a kiss, in Icelandic! Always useful.