Picture yourself on a remote lake, in the heat of the summer, no activities on the water, too hot for trout. Here’s when you go for Carp! You know, the fish everyone disliked a few years ago and which now became some of the most fun to catch!

When the weather gets hot, they scout the sides of the lakes for food, they also love to be near a little stream with its fresh water and food! Carps are fun to catch, you have to aim well, and when they’re on… they’re on! Have fun watching this, maybe you won’t look down at them as many posh anglers do!

Carp are without a doubt the most under appreciated freshwater species to target in North America, slowly gaining popularity in the fly fishing community, and with good reason. Stealth is the name of the game as you weave through brush cover, peeking out in search of a feeding fish. This is when you face yet another make-or-break moment in placing the perfect cast, without them spooking, and having your fly make it’s way into their feeding window. If and when the stars align, hold onto your seat, you’ve just hooked into a locomotive that’ll make you regret waiting so long to pursue them. Here’s Jason Langevin (@jasondanlangevin) and James Sloan (@limitedtimes) out having a time chasing them around the Okanagan, Canada. Thanks for your time and enjoy!

Carp On The Fly; North America’s Bonefish from Inveteratefilm