We all carry a knife in our pocket, wether it’s in your pants, your bag or in the waders how could you imagine going fishing without a blade? But here we get one level up, you can say goodbye to dad’s pocket knife, and forget about the swiss knives, here are the Leatherman multitool knifes made of of steel, they are exactly what we need!

It’s been awhile since we all have a Leatherman  somewhere, when we say Leatherman we mean multitool pliers, the kind of gear you have at home in your backpack or in your truck. Now we are talking  about the knoves! The multitool knives, the same idea of having more than a plier but for a blade that you can carry in your pocket. So here are TWO models, both with a 2.2 in blade!

Leatherman Free T2, perfect to carry in your pocket made of steel and hard plastic (you can of course put it in the water without thinking), with its 8 tools you handle it perfectly and it gives afeeling of thougness which gives you insurance when you use the blade (very sharp).IMG_1741

  • HC 420 blade, cuts like a razor and has a security so it doesn’t fold on your fingers.
  • awl
  • bottle opener (we’re sometimes thirsty!)
  • a pry tool
  • package opener (we get deliveries)
  • Philips screwdriver  (a must)
  • medium screwdriver
  • extrasmall screwdriver

IMG_1739So, weather you carry it in your pants, in your wader’s pocket or in ves, this is now your EDC, and you might forget it because it’s so light but not because it’s useless!ref, que vous l’ayez dans la poche de votre pantalon, dans la poche du wader ou du gilet, il se fera oublié par sa légèreté mais pas par son utilité ! 35$

Leatherman Free T4, big brother from the T2, more tools, bigger, thicker and you’ll love the clip to hook it on your belt. Made of steel, with its 12 tools it’s perfect for the outdoors, soon you won’t be able to do anything without it!IMG_1738

  • HC 420 blade, cuts like a razor and has a security so it doesn’t fold on your fingers.
  • Spring-action Scissors. Use one hand to quickly and easily cut through thin materials
  • Pry Tool A implement designed to gain leverage between two objects
  • Package Opener, easily slice through thick plastic packaging or packing tape.
  • Awl, puncture materials like leather, canvas, or wood to create or enlarge holes.
  • Bottle Opener pop the top on a favorite beverage
  • Wood/Metal File, precisely file and smooth edges on wood and metal surface
  • Phillips Screwdriver Tighten or loosen Phillips head screws.
  • Medium Screwdriver Tighten and loosen medium-size flathead screws
  • Small Screwdriver Tighten and loosen small flathead screws
  • Extra-small Screwdriver Tighten and loosen extra-small screws such as eyeglass frame screws.
  • Tweezers Remove and pick up small, delicate items like slivers or fish hooks.


IMG_1745You wear it at your belt thanks to its clip or in a pocket, a must for anyone who needs abasic tools without carrying a massive multitool! 50$