Spain got it rough, confinement was tough, like many other places they were on strong lockdown. So when you’re a fly fisherman and you live in Madrid, you have to take what is available! Carp on the fly in Juan Carlos 1rst park, it’s fun!

At Le Mouching, we love Spain, it’s almost running in our veins, for sure it’s in our heart. So when I found this film I couldn’t help posting it here. It’s also a good lesson for us all, it’s so nice to see how the crisis we are going through (and despite what some are saying, it’s not over) has mad us inventive, has forced us to adapt, how it also has humbled us, able to eat what’s on the table instead of what we would have loved. I’m sure that guy would have loved to fish in Leon, in Extremadura or in the Pyrenees. The truth is, he had to stay in Madrid and he went fishing where you wouldn’t had been too if you had the choice. We have to congratulate each other for having been able to get through that part of the crisis, even if the place  doesn’t seem so great, the joy of catching carp shows so much on his face that you wish you could have been there too! We think of our friends for whom COVID has been tougher

SO here we are, catching Carp in Juan Carlos Primero garden. And tonight, it’ll be warm and we’ll have fun in the open air, not inside, with social distancing, we’ll have a great time too! Stay safe keep your distance and wear a fu%*ng mask!

I don’t know why but I thought about sharing that song with you, just maybe because La Polaca is amazing, and that we needed something like that today.