End of Summer is already near, and the weather is already changing, soon the rivers will be covered with dead leaves and the chilly mornings will make early starts a pain. So we know deep inside ourselves that the clock is ticking. Enjoy those last warm days of summer, on the Blue Ridge Creeks.

Blue Ridge Moutains, to make it simple, the Appalachians from North Carolina, covered with pines,  but with a human heigth, rhododendrons and ferns, acid  soils, and streams coming down in every valley, streams filled with brook trouts.

How bad do we need that peaceful time, how bad do we need to breath from that turmoise, how bad do we need some quality time, with ourselves, just to froget about the world crisis, because it’s one and a major one. Some will say it’s BS, others (like me) would want to stay away from that COVID!

All we know is that the positive cases are growing day by day and there is no cure yet. So stay safe and all we know is keep a safe distance, avoid crowd and closed places and wear a mask!

in the meantime, here’s to entertain you, it’s short but its so good!

Blue Ridge Creepin’ from Dave Fason