It’s always the same, we think we are going to escape the family take some time for ourself by the river, just us and the fish, but it’s August and as usual it’s the worst month for fly fishing, even for Luke Bannister on his Westcountry rivers.

What a pain, and it’s always the same, comes August we think we’re going to have a reat time fishing and once again it’s the same story, over and over, year after year, rivers are too low, water is too warm, too little insects (a few terrestrials from time to time), fish is more spooky than usual, than comes wind, than storms, than the waters are too high and murky.

Than you have to get on with the usual life, and summer’s gone. It’s always the same with us, we think it’s goning to be different, but deep down we know that we don’t really care, nothing can stops us from fishing, that need we have is bigger than reality, fishing for us is like breathing, no matter the fish, all we want is to be by the water. Each of us will find the reason why we go fishing. Even Luke Bannister goes, no matter the weather.

Have a nice sunday.

Dog Days of August from Luke Bannister