When you buy a boat on the internet, you get what you pay for, and you can have surprises. But when you buy a boat from a guy who took care of it with love even for 5O years…you can have some work to do! Here’s what happened to the guys from The MeatEater!

Finding a boat on the web can be time consuming if you want to find a good one, cheap, in your area or at least not too far, it’s a real job! It’s not the kind of job that the guys from The MeatEater, the blog specialized in meat (ainly game), are not going to take seriously! They want a boat to go fly fishing and they’ll find one!

As for us, we are looking for anything that can make our week start on a good mood! Between “second wave” “clusters” “school” “work”, we need to chill and find something that will make us happy, aren’t you like us?

Here’s for your monday!

And here are all the espisodes of Season 1