Spotted on GoogleMaps, a river stretch hard to get to, can host big surprises!

Since we have a lot of free time with distanciation and staying away from crowed places, we can spend more time on the web so we can focus on preparing our fishing days like Mark Jeremi. The guy spotts a hard to get river stetch, takes his 12wt rod and goes on an adventure!

At Le Mouching, we like the ones who shoot their films alone, with a tripod, they choose their angles, we become accomplice, they talk to us we become an invisible friend, but still we’re part of the shoot, every little details, a glimplse, an exclamation, we are invisible support! The angler can share with us what he feels, his joys, his disapointments, not like when shot with a GoPro.


Northern Pike Fly Fishing from Marc Jeremi