Mid September, while everything starts to turn a little yellow, Steelhead season starts! That’s when the fish comes back from the ocean, the fall run, and they are in perfect shape!

North West coast, where in Fall, Silver and Steelhead are going upstream to their birth places to spawn. It’s the perfect time for anglers to go catch them, no matter the rain, no matter the cold. All they want is that jolt they feel in the forarm and the fight that follows (we hope so).

This year, it’s going to be difficult, extreme fires are ruining the North West, and because of COVID, the US/Canada border is closed. We’ll see next year if there was a (good) inpact on the fish that had the luck not to come accross a fly or a bait. In the meantime, have a great film!

Steelhead Fishing from Keith Brauneis