One of the last wild rivers in Europe, a river that runs free from its spring to the sea without a dam. Hucho’s paradise, that fish goes freely to spawn, Una seems eternal, but will it be?

When I had the chance to fihs Una river with Ales and his brother Firurz, it was Grayling Season, Hucho season starts late Fall and ends in the heart of winter, but what I have seen was amazing! Hucho is way more than the unic migratory European only, fish, it means freedom. But as the fish is in danger, so is the river. Investors see that wild water as the perfect place to build dams, and concrete sellers see an opportunity to sell billions of tons of concrete, as the banks see an opportunity to make ore money, all by telling a country that they will have no more needs to buy gas but would become independant. Indepent ar what price?  We have to save Una River!

If you ever wnat to go fishing Una, Anes Halkic (Anèch’ Halkich’) and his brother Fidurz from Una Discovery, are the best!