Do you remenber the summer days, when the air is thick and warm and fish are feeding fearlessly. Getting close in silence not to spook them, not to be seen, casting your fly perfectly as the night comes down. The search.

It’s like hunting, that’s what summer fishing is like, spotting the fish, getting close to it without a sound, light foot, avoiding to hit the rocks, avoiding to make waves with your body, being as descreet as you can even if the fish is busy feeding. It’s like hunting, all hunters will feel what I’m talking about, stalking or “pirsch” in german, getting close to the animal, in silence. For others it’ll remind games we used to play as kids. A triple challenge, not be seen or spotted, casting your fly with perfection, and strike!

You miss those summer days, don’t you? Watch that film full screen, you ara egoing to be there again!