We’ve seen a lot of films on fly fishing for Dorado in Bolivia, but this one is special, there is no lodge for millionaires, there is no tea nor champagne nor AC when it’s too hot. You’re going for an 8 days expedition in the jungle, surrounded by animals of all kinds. Are you ready?

We’re going to be honest with you, it’s a hell of a film! The kind you cannot miss out. Two friends from Poland decide to go fishing for Dorado, they meet up with Grzegorz, a Polish fly fishing guide who’s been living in Bolivia for three years. He’s going to take them to a remote river in the middle of the jungle, walking! All kind of animals are there, from the goofy Tapir to the black wasp, the stingy moskitos, the spiders, the snakes, and all the insects that bite, sting and annoy. A ball of coca in the cheek, a sip of whisky when you’re thirsty, a local guide who’s lost, and at the end, a river filled with Dorados of all size!

You got it, it’s not the kind of film a travel agent would put upfront! But, at Le Mouching this is exactly the kind of film we are looking for, so we had no other choice but share it with you!

Don’t miss the end of the film, you’re going climbing!

Please watch Full Screen!