I discovered Ian and Neil Provo more than a decade ago.

At that time, I used to drag my skis in snowparks or on faces to leave short-lived curves. I was fond of ski videos like rastafaride, session 1242…and more particularly: Believe, a movie that really stood me. The soundtrack was amazing and the ride sessions all around the globe mind-blowing. This is where I first saw them. After that, I came across their Dorado fishing video in Bolivia. Today, following a notification on my phone, I went on their Vimeo channel. I had forgotten how much they realized awesome films. I’ll let you enjoy this session in Montana totally in the spirit of Le Mouching.

A Flow Through The Bob – A Montana packrafting adventure from The Provo Bros

Since a while, I had also been looking for the name of a series produced by the brothers Provo Steelhead and Spines. Now I got it, it is with great pleasure that I share it with you. So you will have 3 episodes. It’s a little old but it’s too good. Something to keep you busy for the rest of the night.

Steelhead and Spines- Volume One from The Provo Bros

Steelhead and Spines – Volume Two from The Provo Bros

Steelhead and Spines – Volume 3 from The Provo Bros