Some trout are really easy to catch, you know their ryhtm, you know their course, you can predict when they will take your fly. Others are unpredictables.

New Zealand with Aitor Coteron, on a small river with trout that are really temperamentals. You cannot really predict where they will eat, what their course is, in order to catch them yo have to cast your fly really close to their head and provoque a reflex, than you will surprise them and their first reaction will be to catch your fly! But you have to be quick, and sharp! In Spanish, when you want to say you’ve been had, you say una banana, and it stands for the number of times they’ve casted those trout and missed. That’s why the film is called 80 Bananas! Or is it the yellowish trout they caught and it’s the 8Oth? We’ll have to ask Aitor for that!

Ochenta bananas from Aitor Coteron

What we like about Aitor’s films is that he’s always giving good advice. And if you don’t know the song they’re singing, here’s La Banana by Ben Sa Tumba y su Orquesta!