Guiding in British Columbia is guiding for  Steelhead, especialy during the back season for the Fall Run where you can find everything in a week, from snow, to rain, to sun while tryingto catch a temperamental fish, as every anodronous fish.

Steelheads are going up and down rivers of British Columbia, depending on the water level tides and spawning. But that film is mainly a man, a fly fishing guide who dedicated his life to Steelhead, Jeroen Wohe. Jeroen is Deutch, he started fly fishing for Atlantic Salmon in the Kola Peninsula, than one day he traveled to BC for Steelhead and decided to settle in with his wife. Ten years later, he has a lodge not one of those luxurious ones, a fly fishing lodge, because he beleives that in order to catch Steelhead you have to invest in fishing rights, not in an expensive lodge. A dream come true!

Swing Season – Digging For Steel from Sage Fly Fish