We haven’t posted Mixtapse for a while, not that we did not listen to music, but precisely we did listen to a lot and we did not know which ones to select for you! But we had to make a choice and those mixtapes are the ones we listened several times while working on our new project (yes we have a NEW project at Le Mouching and you’ll be the first to know)! In the meantime, play those mixtapes loud and clear!

The easiest way to download everything to your computer is to get Media Human! Than you’ll paste the adress of the mixtape (by clicking on the title) you want and it’ll deliver it to you!

My Other Version of Abbey Road de Piero Rosiello As an apetizer, rare and delicious, something all the boomers will find weird and the old Koots will ask What are you doing! But this version of The Beatles Abbey ROad album revisited is perfect to start!

Biggie A Notorious Big Mix  Ready to twerk and do headspins? This is Notorious Big and others :  Eddie Henderson, Heath Brothers, The Notorious BIG, Bobby Coldwell, Mary J Blige! Play it loud, even your neighbors will come and dance, because danceing is what it is all about!

Paradise Lost par Iggy & Phileas Now you need to relax, you need to skank easy, do you feel how warm it is?

Are you OK? It’s time to speed up the ryhtm, especialy your hips,  Funktastichno de DJ Marquez V., is made for that!

TCRS (Trash City Radio Show) Punky Reggae Party ; We kept the best for the end! That Clash inspired Mixtape is awesome! I love Willie William v The Clash! you are going to love it to! Probably one of the best mixtapes we’ve played!

Check the playlist :

Warrior Charge (’12) – ASWAD
Punky Reggae Party (’12) – BOB MARLEY
Justice Tonight / Kick It Over (’12) – THE CLASH
It Dread Inna England (For George Lindo) – LKJ
Babylon’s Burning (Dreadzone Remix) / Love In Vain – RUTS
Ku Klux Klan (’12) – STEEL PULSE
Life After Dub – ATV
Two Seven’s Clash (Dub) – Culture