When Flip Pallot, Blane Chocklett and Bob Clouser (yes the guy from Clouser Minnow) tell us how with Lefty Kreh, they started this sport or this way of life that is salt water fly fishing. A very moving film, perfect to end this horrible year a fim of memories, because unfortunalty, for most of us, all we have are memories of fly fishing, we didn’t get much action, this year.

This film is rare, because it takes us to the intimacy of the main caracters oin the history of salt fly fishing. An intimacy that drags us in the midle of these guys lives, after a few seconds you find that FLip Pallot has become your best friend, that’s the magic of a good documentary, taking the viewer and making him part of the film. So here you are, in the foot steps of Lefty Kreh with Pallot, Blane Chocklett and Bob Clouser, listening to their stories, to their memories, fishing hidden secret spots.

We are going to let  you watch that film, it’s a gem, you’ll have to watch it full screen and maybe wear a tropical shirt and your best cap! Let’s go to FLorida, it’s hot already!