How to get out of the situation we’re all in, not knowing what the situation is reall y going to be in the next months? Could we go fishing? Could we travel? We all need hope and be able to project ourselves doing the things we love, fly fishing. Here’s the programe of the next Fly Fishing Film Festival – IF4 – 2021 those films are goin to help cope with what we’re going through!

Here are the trailers from the next Fly Fishing Film Festival – IF4 – 2021,

Out There Canada from West to East with Hooké !


Sunshine for Days Warm waters of Lake Powell and bass fishing!


Raising the Ghost Emiliano Di Cicco calls steelhead “lghost”  and has one idea, catching them on dry!

Northbound  Todd Scharf,  fly fishing guide, moves up North of BC with his family, on ly to catch more steelherd!

here’s Luc Malbois and Jean-Michel Brunet’s film : Mission Huchon! Fly fishing in the Balkans for what we consider as the Danube Salmon!

Turbo Giants, GTs, fish from the end of the world, only for the ones who can aford the trip and the stay, those fish are like tractors and Formula One at the same time, they are going to hurt your shoulder and muscle your foremarms, be ready!

Fuerte, I beleive it’s the best word to describe fly fishing for Tuna on the shoreline! It requirens balance on the boat with the swell of the waves and strentgh to fight the Tuna once it caught your popper!

Art of Fly Fishing, Brooke Belohlavek is an art teacher in a little town in Wyoming, but she’s mainly obsessed with fly fishing for trout!

The wanderer, what other title could this film have? That lonely fly fisherman has but one tracked minded idea catching trout, where others don’t go. A way a fishing that suits some of us, solitude.

Raised on rainbows – Start young! Some have the luck to be raised fly fishing, and fly fishing becomes their way of life! Lucky kids, lucky family!

Baltics – Salmon, obsessed with salmon, up North in Lapland, with one idea : when is the season starting?

That’s all for now, we just hope we’ll be able to get together to watch IF4 live in theaters.