2021 started really well, we were full of hope, than once again, its going down, we have the ones who don’t beleive in democracy, which are often the same ones who don’t beleive in Covid and everything becomes complicated. So here’s to put you in a better mood, a few mixtapes to allow you to dance at home!

The easiest way to download everything to your computer is to get Media Human! Than you’ll paste the adress of the mixtape (by clicking on the title) you want and it’ll deliver it to you!

Remember DJ Doom Let’s start with a tribute to DJ Doom, the guy with the weird mask on, (you also should wear a mask when you are not alone) One hour fifteen of mix by Moi as a tribute to the one guy who help bringing soul and jazz to the hip hop scene.

Funk Soul & The Beatles  This one is very special, it’s not very long so you better enjoy every minute of it, the mixtape is from The Beatles soul and funk covers! A gem !

Salsa Brava Ep.1  Ok, now you”re getting excited, and you need to sweat a little, maybe you cannot go to the gym, so here’s for you, salsa to dance like you had nothing to loose! (since you’re home you can do whatever you want)

Africason DJ Lengua Man I love the Latin Brothers and when they are the fisst song on a mixtape, you can be sure that the rest will follow, so if you are not already dead after the previous mixtape, dance some more!

REGGAE_2020_part 1_Iggy & Phil’eas_Black Diamond Music Houlalala! Here’s some decent dancehall music, you’re going to be able to jump around a little more! !

REGGAE_2020 part.2_Iggy & Phil’eas_Black Diamond Music Since you’ve liked part 1 here’s the second one, a little cooler.

Discotheque Paris We kept you the best for dessert! It’s the best and it’s the worst but we like it as you sometimes eat candies that you ate. French Disco Funk from the 80’s!

You can go to bed, now.