Fly fishing in winter, is only for a few lucky ones, but what abut the fish, isn’t is the mating season for trout? I always felt bad when fishing for grayling I caught a trout, in many countries, you can still fish while trout are spawning (from october to january).

We’re home, cosy, winter settling in, snow is coming heavy on the moutains soon, everything will be white. You read the news and you see people are getting sick around the world and some knuckle heads are still not wearing masks, traveling and gathering despite the growth of sick people, some of them even argue that it’s a hoax. Our main concern as fishermen is are we going to be able to travel in 2021? Not all of us have fishing waters in our backyard, and many of us like to travel abroad. So we’ve gone through a year of frustration, fear, and frustration again. Are we going to go fishing? Even next door? In the meantime some are fishing trout in spawning season, let’s hope all are doing catch and release. Have a good sunday, even if it’s grey and hope for the best!