Oh, it’s almost all in French, but do we really care? This year due to COVID restriction the 4th Festival PALM 2021 from Québec is available around the world! A ggod reason to gather your freinds home (not too many) and watch the festival on a big screen, thanks to Hooké and Saumon Québec!Vous imaginez, le pied ? Ça y est on se met à l’heure québécoise !

FESTIVAL PALM 2021 brought to you by Saumon Québec
The 4th edition of the PALM Festival is coming and it’s time to purchase your tickets for the online shows!
Tis year, in addition to the brodacasting of the grande finale, Thursday 18th March, we offer you 3 workshops and screening the 11, 18 and 25 of February.
All details and tickets are available HERE

And since we are nice, what a film festival with friends would be without eating? Here’s the recipe of the famouse Poutine from Quebec!